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The Major Diatonic scale has seven notes before it repeats itself.



C Major  C D E F G A B C (the white keys on the piano)
D Major  D E F# G A B C# D (the sharps are built in)
E Major  E F# G# A B C# D# E
G Major  G A B C D E F# G

C Major

G Major

D Major

E Major

C Major is the lowest tone of these Major scales.

G Major is 5 steps higher, so has a higher tonal range.


The Pentatonic is a five note scale as opposed to the major's seven note scale. By omitting the 4th and 7th steps, the pentatonic is an easy to play fluid scale, good for jamming and improvising.



C Pentatonic  C D E G A C (F and G are omitted)
D Pentatonic  D E F# A B D (G and C are omitted)
E Pentatonic   E F# G# B C# E (A and D# are omitted)

C Pentatonic

D Pentatonic

E Pentatonic

We do not offer G Pentatonic because it's higher range does not have clear sustaining notes.

Thumb Fun Kalimbas offers these common Diatonic and Pentatonic tunings:

  • C Major

  • D Major

  • E Major

  • G Major

  • C Pentatonic

  • D Pentatonic

  • E Pentatonic

For those interested in playing along with other instruments or western songs, C Major is one of the most common keys. 

Example Sound Samples

G Major Ditty

D Pentatonic Ditty

C Pentatonic Mellow

C Pentatonic Ditty

E Pentatonic Ditty

D Major Happy Birthday

Tuning Information

Kalimbas have an optimum range from low to high. The scales we offer fit within that range.


Other scales, such as Minor and Minor Pentatonic, also work well. For custom tunings, feel free to contact us.

These sound samples are short examples of the 7 offered scales. They are just the upper octave, from low to high.

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