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Kalimbas, also called thumb pianos, come from a family of instruments with a wide variety of names. They have their origin in many parts of Africa. The designs and tunings vary greatly from region to region. Our kalimbas, using standard tunings, are adapted for most western music.

Thumb pianos are a very approachable instrument. We find many people of all ages love  kalimbas. They are a great source of personal expression, and are easy to take hiking, jam with friends, or just sit quietly and enjoy.

About Us

Thumb Fun Kalimbas have been in business since 1994.

These "Made in Oregon" Kalimbas are handcrafted from our homegrown gourds. Our acre of gourds starts with planting the seeds in the spring. Hot Southern Oregon summers, pure water and the help of bees, produce a quality hard shelled gourd, which is the resonator of each Kalimba.  Once the gourd is cured, it is opened and cleaned, ready for the next step.

G Major Ditty

C Pentatonic Mellow

C Pentatonic Ditty

D Pentatonic Ditty

E Pentatonic Ditty

D Major Happy Birthday

Here are some sounds samples of just having fun with a Thumb Fun Kalimba

A variety of hardwood tops, each with a scroll saw cut sound hole design is laminated onto the gourd body. After multiple steps of sanding and finishing, they are ready for the tempered spring steel keys. Each is carefully tuned with two rows of keys tuned an octave apart. The lowest note is in the center. To walk up the scale the thumbs alternate left-right, left-right etc.


To care for the instrument keep it dry and protected from long exposure to hot sun.

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