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Wood Top

All Thumb Fun Kalimbas have two rows of keys tuned an octave apart, which gives them a two octave range (large size have over two octaves).


The major scales are diatonic (do-ra-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do)
C is the lowest tone scale, D is a step higher, E is one higher and G major is the higher toned scale.

Pentatonic, which is an easy to play, fluid scale, is created by omitting the 4th and 7th step from the diatonic scale.

Example: C pentatonic's notes are C D E G A C (F and B are removed).

C Major

D Major

E Major

G Major

C Pentatonic

D Pentatonic

E Pentatonic

Choosing A Tuning

These sound samples are short examples of the 7 offered scales. They are just the upper octave, from low to high.


Available in small and large sizes

Small     16 keys    6" to 6.5"    $65
Large     20 keys    7.5" to 8"    $75

Wood grain, gourd width and character varies with each handmade piece.


With built in piezo transducer pickup adds $60


Jack fits standard 1/4 inch instrument cable. Making it ready to connect to any amp or PA system. 

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